Dante- A delicious bad boy...

If you’re into bad boys, Dante is your guy….

Dark, sensual and oh my…sizzling hot!

As soon as he laid eyes on Mariana he knew all the dirty things he wanted to do to her. She smelled of gardenia flowers and honeysuckle, she smelled of purity and innocence, something he couldn’t wait to destroy…

He will take what he likes and “no”  isn’t in his vocabulary. 

Trapped deep in the mafia, he w...

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How Stephen King and Dan Brown saved the day?


Because a new coffee mug solves it all!

We are back! Back from vacations where I soaked up as much sun and chlorine as I could… 

There is something about laying under the sun wide awake with your eyes closed that ideas flow. From time to time, I would get up and jot the idea down in my notebook, shushing anyone that would dare speak to me… Sorry hubby...

My goal is two weeks. Two weeks to have a basic outline and I will start writing. I will stress out for not having a full and complete outline where I knew what the  characters were doing and what they were up to. Until Stephen King c...

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Are you a Renaissance woman?


“I want to paint, I want to act, I want to write and I just want to do everything” - Emma Watson

 A Renaissance woman:


  1. Loves continual learning
  2. Focuses on personal development blending physical, mental and emotional skills.
  3. Displays extraordinary self-knowledge
  4. Develops a vision for life not adopting someone else’s and dares to follow her dreams
  5. Lives fully!

“Learning never exhausts the mind” - Leonardo Da Vinci

A Renaissance woman is a leader, a thinker and a creator, contributing meaningfully to her community and the world...

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Why do we love a love triangle trope?


What exactly is a love triangle?

It's when a character — usually the main character — has to choose between two potential love interests, both of whom usually seem equally appealing to them.


Why Do People Like Love Triangles?


 Many readers enjoy this trope because they like to feel special and feel as if they're being a rebel without actually being one. The thrill, the secrecy, the sizzle.

Imagine having two people trying to show you they cherish you more than the other. They are fighting for you — you are a person that warrants their ti...

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Dan Brown- Writing Thrillers



“Write as if nobody’s watching, because nobody’s watching.”

The Anatomy of a thriller

The 3 C’s





The promise you’re making to the reader (you never break it).


There’s always a time pressure

CRUCIBLE (something that holds things together)


Don’t let your characters run away, he/she has to face the villain. Give the hero nly one path he can't e...

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Who is Mariana, and what to expect from this novel?


Mariana is a dark romance novel with mystical elements from the day of the dead woven into it. Alebrijes, the Aztec goddess of death - Mictecacihuatl - and other cultural elements visit the novel in a tantalizing way. 


A dark romance, where Mariana, a  young woman who was abandoned without a word by her first love, left her behind, not only with a broken heart but with a backpack full of illicit money. 


The beautiful Latina relied on booze to numb her pain until given the chance to attend the secret...

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What is Unicorn Space and why is it so important?


“Unicorn Space is the active and open pursuit of self-expression in any form, and which requires value-based curiosity and purposeful sharing of this pursuit with the world. Like the mythical equine that inspired the name, it doesn’t exist until you give yourself permission to reclaim, discover, and nurture the natural gifts and interests that make you you.”


Answer this question: What do you do for fun? If you’re like me, you will find your mind has drawn a blank and the only thing you hear are the sounds of crickets echoing away… Even though my work as a writer is based on imagination and creativity, it is still work, filled with responsibilities, deadlines, marketing and pressure. I still need to set aside a few minutes everyday for unlimited, fun, wild creativity. I need my U...

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BIG MAGIC- Creative Living beyond fear


The Universe likes to play hidden treasure with us. It plants a treasure within us and then stands back to see if we can find them. Remember this, we all have something wonderful within us, so stop doubting yourself and go find it!

The hunt to uncover these jewels is called Creative Living. The surprising result of that hunt? BIG MAGIC

So what is Creative Living? 

“A life driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”

The question most of us ask ourselves is, how? How do we uncove...

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Finding beauty in imperfection


 Scrolling through social media, trying to stand out from everyone else. Trying to write the perfect book, or the perfect quote. Looking “beautiful, young, flawless”...
We are faced with “perfection” wherever we look, but dear friends, I have to repeat this to myself over and over again no one is. And it is precisely that, that makes each one of us beautiful; we are beautifully imperfect.
Kintsugi, is a Japanese art that when a vase is broken it is glued back together with gold highlights making those cracks stand out even brighter, maki...

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The Siren


  • Keys to the character:

The Siren is the most ancient seductress of them all. There is a mythic quality to them such as Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. The Siren represents a powerful male fantasy of a highly sexual, extremely confident and alluring female offering endless pleasure combined with a hint of danger.

Sometimes the most powerful man will do the most irrational thing for a thrill. The irrational c...

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The Seductive Character


“We all have the power of attraction”-  Robert Greene

Sometimes we think being attractive involves being born that way…Being lucky! A near mystical trait only a few are born with. Let me assure you, it is not.

All we need to do is realize what it i...

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The Art of Seduction starts by learning to seduce ourselves


Dark feminine archetype, femme fatale, the art of seduction all of these begin with being able to indulge ourselves…

As women we often feel guilty for putting ourselves first. Many or even most of us probably put ourselves  after our kids, spouse and work, and when we finally decide to take time for ourselves we feel guilty about it. Right?

Tapping into our sensuality requires that we lear...

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Light & Dark Feminine Energies


Light and dark feminine energies are two faces of the same medal. And although many women incline themselves towards the light feminine, a softer side, we will learn and explore as to why the dark feminine is equally important as a woman. 

Dark feminine energy does not equal masculine energy. Masculine energy is about logic, initiative and determination in the persuasion of goals. It is the energy that drives us to action. 

Feminine energy  focuses on internal emotions and manifestation. It focuses on being and receiving, on...

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A tale of love and empowerment


Thank you Vallarta Lifestyles for this wonderful article!

The Birth of “Latin Lovers Series”
Ideas, creativity, and imagination blossomed within Aggie, sparking the creation of the mesmerizing “Latin Lovers Series.” In February 2023, the world was introduced to the first book in the series, “Sweet & Spicy,” a contemporary romance bursting with love, sensuality, and suspense. The plo...

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How to activate your femme fatale vibe in three easy steps


-Get more in touch with your pleasure. Yes, you read that correctly, it should feel pleasurable and good. We are not talking exclusively about sexuality, but sensuality. Sensuality involves your senses. All of your five senses throughout the day. Run your hands through your hair, enjoy and really taste the food in your mouth, smell the things around you. Feel more pleasure with tiny moments throughout the day. 

-Be intentional with your words. The femme fatale may not speak much but when she does she does it calmly and intentionally. There is power...

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welcome to the dark side...


There is a misconception that the dark side is bad, wrong or evil, but there are many positive characteristics to the dark feminine archetype. 

Women with these characteristics are powerful, assertive,  independent, sensual, intuitive, and have a deep connection to their  innermost desires and fears. 

Strong dark feminines have played an important role throughout history like Kali and Morrigan amongst others.

Woman who resonate with this archetype are usually more drawn to a darker romance novel, where they can relate to the main character. Usually an imperfect, powerful, sensual woman, who accepts her sensuality, looks for thrills and adventure and a man that...

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5 sexy date night ideas to try:


Why leave sexy moments for the pages of a novel?

Here are 5 sexy date  night ideas that need hardly no prep time to spice up your night (or day...)

1- play dirty...There are several couples sexy board games that you can purchase and have ready for you at home. You don't have one? No problem! Get two dice and assign something to do (kiss, lick, bite, touch etc) on one and a body part to the other die.

2-Roleplay! You can keep it right at home if you want, and as...

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top ten most talked about romance novels in book groups!


Let me tell you, I have been victim of this... I am part of several romance novel groups and it's wonderfully addictive. I've found my tribe! We all love to read, especially romance, and I must confess I have bought several book because of these ladies recommendations. The last three bo...

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What is femenine energy and how to connect with it


Feminine energy comes from the heart. 

It is not an energy based on gender, it is open, free and it moves with the flow of life.

The feminine energy is a strong creative force that can be expressed in many ways such as writing, dancing, painting, singing and/or dreaming of new ideas. Let it flow without judgment to yourself and others. 

  Allow yourself to feel, and recharge doing...

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The love story behind the famous song "La Llorona"


This is a love story. A sad and true story of love.

The song “La Llorona” (the crier) -and not to be confused with the legend of La Llorona-, is a well known and traditional Mexican song of love and pain.

It became popular after the Mexican Revolution (1910) its author remains anonymous.

It’s origin comes from the Zapotecas in Oaxaca, and this is the story:

 A young man from Tehuantepec went to a party in the nearby town of Juchitan in Oaxaca. There, he met a beautiful girl...

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unlock your creativity and Steal Like an Artist


Did you know you can train yourself to be creative?

Creativity is not reserved for musicians, painters, writers and dancers, being creative is a way of living, it’s about success in any aspect of your life!

“Creativity is a fundamental human skill, it is something we all need and it is a key to success” 

Creativity is simply taking separate concepts and putting them together making them appear as new. 

watch video

There are many ways to train yourself to be creative and we will uncover many that I have found useful starting today with the book Steal Like an...

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Sweet & Spicy Goodreads review


Sweet & Spicy

A. Unda-Tames (Goodreads Author)


Lisa Mogilka's review
Feb 10, 2023

really liked it

🎤Mic 👏🏻 Drop 🎤 was the only thing I could picture at the end of Sweet & Spicy by A. Unda-Tames. The ending has me thinking of the more rated r word for holy poopsickles.
I found this book ultimately enjoyable.
A. Unda-Tames was able to draw the strongest emotions out of me in this book....

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We are all creative artists!


Creativity is not reserved only for the chosen ones or the geniuses. It is not a lightning bolt that comes out of nowhere and strikes you with inspiration. 

It is a skill we are all born with, and can develop it even more and more on a daily basis. 

Our creative mind is working constantly, from deciding how to put together dinner leftovers and create a new meal from that, to what we will wear that day, to  painting a picture or writing a book. 

The first thing we need to do as artists (yes, we are calling ourselves that) is break free from the idea of not being good enough. The creative process has many phases, and believe me your first sketch, draft or clothes combination might not be the final result, and that is ok! That is why it is called the creative process… ...

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Who is NIkki Evans- and why do we care?


Who is NIkki Evans- and why do we care?


Nikki Evans’s confidence lies in ashes. Devastated and physically scarred from the fire that claimed her parents’ lives, the wealthy reporter retreats to Puerto Vallarta with her unfaithful fiance. But a spark of hope reignites in her broken heart after interviewing a sexy rising-supertar chef. 


In fiction as in reality we bond with the woman's main character because we can relate. We understand what they are feeling and are secretly rooting for them. Romance novels  are much more than just about getting the guy, they are about how the character experiences a transformation within them, becoming better, stronger, more knowledgeable and standing up time and time again after they have fallen, and in the end, the breakthrough and growth within them is inevitable. These characters mirror us as women in our own lives, struggles, insecurities and gives us hope that if they can do it, we can do it as well. They are mostly stories written by women for women, where these protagonists are the h...

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Raise Your Standards


Dear divine muse, this is the perfect time to become the dream version of ourselves,  improve and change what has not been working for us. A new start filled with dreams and I have tip number one to make that happen,  the only thing you need to know in order to make a long term change in any area of your life: RAISE YOUR STANDARDS

I am a Tony Robbins fan, because of his practical approach to getting things done, and the first...

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I'm in a love-hate relationship!


Hey my friend, I have to admit I am having a love-hate relationship with my current WIP… A Lover's Wish, book 2 in the Latin Lover's series.

I have so many ideas in my head and I can see them fully, the love scenes, why they are...

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Alebrijes! Why we love them


 Alebrijes are spirit guides, strongly connected with nature. The Aztec people created these symbolic creatures mixing two living animals. Their role was to link the spirits and the real world and guide a person through their lives. It is also said that they are guardians to the souls of the deceased.

In the world of the living, they are referred to as spiritual guides for the soul, reminders of your place in the world, and society, holders of the torch;...

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pre-order is now available!


Yes my friends! pre-order is now available for only 0.99!!! (until february 8 2023)

As a token of my appreciation email me a proof of your pre-order and I will email you Diego's exclusive recipes of La Diosa martini and the famous Sweet & Spicy romance dessert! Just in time to celebrate love and romance on Valentine's day!

Pre-order Sweet & Spicy the first novel in the Latin Lovers series

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Engage compassion


"Even the fiercest warrior must keep compassion at the heart of their work, or their bravery becomes empty ego bravado. Grace reminds us to move sharp-eared, sure footed and tender hearted across the woods of both inner and outer nature. When we hold ourselves to a standar of grace over perfection, and mercy over judgment, Wild Woman rises" 

This calendar is so beautiful! The images the words I love everything about it. This is November's 2022

Wild Woman rising      Goddess. Warrior. He...

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Who is the Divine Muse?


Who is the divine muse? She inspires you to live better, to be better. She brings beauty and love to the world. She lives her dreams and knows her worth. YOU are a divine muse. 


Who were the original muses?

Goddesses to whom poets or any artist prayed to award them the gift of divine inspiration. I talk about original muses in a different blog post, for the the question is: 

Do you want to become a...

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Cora- An urban fantasy YA essay


        Sixteen year old Cora knew she was gifted. She felt it, but had never been able to summon it.  Ever since she was a little girl, she knew there was something different about her, but couldn’t quite place or explain it, so she never told anyone about it. No one in her family was gifted, with special powers I mean, they were all gifted in a different way...

       Both her parents were martial arts experts, handed down and taught generation after generation. Flawless in the use of sword fighting and lethal with their hands and legs. Battles were part of their everyday life, as keepers of peace, KOP, they were called upon constantly. There were eleven KOPs in all that guarded the city. Although magic and “gifts” used to be part of their world, no one had not come across it for decades, ever since prince Galus killed his own father, the king, and took over the throne. He then contained all of the  magic within his throne, kidnapping everyone  who possessed  a gift, leaving the city defenseless and without it. The only thing that remained for their protection, was their superior fighting skills. Those could never be taken , it had been...

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Character profile for A Lover's Wish


In this day of the dead (dark) romance novel, we will encounter five main characters, one we have met already in Sweet & Spicy, Mariana. 

Mariana: She is our main heroine in this story. We know from the previous book she is not in a good place. It...

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12 steps to becoming a better you- Priyanka Chopra Jonas


Early in the morning at 5 am I like to wake up, meditate and watch a couple of videos where they will set me off to a graat day! I will then journal and I am ready for my day. This process usually takes from 5am to 6:50am when my children wake up and we get ready for their school day ahead. I often encounter wonderful videos and this is one of them.

Here are Priyanka Chopra Jonas's 12 rules to becoming a better you:

1- There’s only one you. Understand who really that person is, and find y...

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Would you fall for Diego San Roman....


Diego San Roman believes love is a recipe for disaster. Burned when his wife left abandoned him with teo young daughters, the rags to riches culinary master is nevertheless intigued by the attractive American covering his new opening. After posing as her date to an exclusive VIP fashion show, he can’t deny their searing chemistry.

If you like soft-hearted suitors, culinary intrigue, and beachside settings, then you'll adore this contemporary romance

Don't miss giveaways, free chapters and what's next in the Latin Love...

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Sweet & Spicy cover reveal!


Yes!!!! I'm so excited to reveal the cover of the new Sweet & Spicy novel in the Latin Lovers series!

Let me know what you think?


And without futher ado, here is the book description (drumroll...)


Neither knows how to trust. Can they stand the heat in the kitchen and dish up the perfect romance?


Nikki Evans’s confidence lies in ashes. Devastated and physically scarred from the fire that claimed her parents’ lives, the wealthy reporter retreats to P...

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Adventure to Dragon's Isle- five star review


Hi lovely reader, I want to share this review that I tought was beautiful.
Book 2 Adventure to Dragon's Isle was so special to me, as I was not as focused to establishing autism awareness asI was in book 1 but here I dug deeper into my characters and established a magical land of fae. Also, I wanted to touch a lot more on Kaia's character, her feelings and emotions and how she begins to find herself.
I leave you with the full five star review.
"Fantasy adventures, spell casting, mystery, and mystical worlds are the stuff of any kid’s dreams–the fantasy elements may vary, but the magic and enchantment are present in all of the best kids’ fantasy books. Reading these children’s fantasy books is sure to enchant your child and transport them to worlds they can only dream of. Thankfully, there are plenty of fantasy books for kids out there. But that can also be overwhelming. My time as the young adult and middle grade shelver at work and as a middle school reading tutor showed me how hard it is for parents to find age-appropriate material for their kids but you don’t need to worry about it. I have figured it out for you. The book I am about to tell you all about is a fantasy read which is not just a kids read but I would give it a YA read too. When a reader like me can get engaged reading such a story the kids are going to love it for sure. The book I am talking about is called “Adventure to Dragon's Isle (Risho &...

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How to create passion in our everyday life


I LOVE passion! It is one of my favorite emotions that gets that fire inside of me burning!

 As we have learned from our heroines in books, and in my previous blog, How to incorporate Romantic living into our life, we first have to become who we truly are before being able to attract or give to our partner.


I want to dive deeper into the third point we touched in that post which was: Seek for passion and love in what you do

     Imagine what it would feel like waking up each morning eager to get up and go to work, because that is exactly...

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books give us knowledge & power


Hello dear friend, 

As you might know I am very passionate about autism awareness since I have am autistic son, and today I bring you a story that filled my heart with joy. I wrote my middle grade series Risho & Kaia based on my children in the hope that adults, teachers and children better understand what autism is. By the reader putting themselves in the main char...

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Sweet & Spicy, character reveal


Latin Lovers series- Sweet & Spicy

Hey my friend, I can’t wait to share with you the cover reveal  and of course the whole book!

Today I am thrilled to give you a glimpse of my two main characters. After spending months and months with the characters, creating them, writing about them and getting to know what goes on in their heads you feel so attached to the characters at the end. 

Allow me to share a personal story of a funny thing that happened to me while writing this book. My husband and I were chatting and I was telling him about what was going on at that point in the story and what I wanted to write next. A couple of days later when he asked me how the book was going and how the writing of the scene had gone, I explained a curious thing that happened.... “Oh no that’s not what happened at all! Nikki got really mad at something that DIego said to her and she did not take it well, so she got pissed and did something completely different from what I had planned!” My husband looked at me quizzically not fully understanding or mayb...

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Ways to incorporate Romantic living into your life


What is Romantic Living?


Romantic living is inspired by Romanticism in literature. It sees beauty in the world, ourselves and others


I personally believe we are in a period of time where, especially women, have taken this era and made it our own, personalized, and brought  into our daily lives.


 I am not talking about ways of  being romantic, (lowercase “r”) which is an  “expression of love and dedication in a way that's intentional, unmistakable,  deeply affectionate, and often involves dramatic or passionate gestures, though smaller actions that indicate enduring affection.”...

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5 things I've learned from writing romance novels


Hi dear friend, 

Today I would love to share with you some of the things I have learned  while reading and writing romance novels.


1.-We all have our own paths with our own personal struggles:


Every novel that you read, the character needs to go through some sort of transformation, a charact...

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5 reasons we benefit from reading romance novels


Not sure if reading a romance novel is right for you? Here are five benefits I find when reading or writing a romance novel.

1- It is usually written by women for women, so the reader can very commonly identify and find a voice, inspiration and empowerment in the character’s journey. 

2.- It is a celebration of love and hope. As a roman...

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Books about autism #ownvoice


Picture this:

The school halls fill again with children at the beginning of the school year running, laughing and shouting to their friends “wait up!” as they push and shove their way through with laughter. Sounds echoing intensely straight into his ears. Tucked away on a corner a boy is covering his ears rocking back and forth and humming, trying to suppress the overstimulation. 

There are more than half a million school-age children with autism in the U.S., and nearly all of those children are now being educated in public schools, but still very little information is given to anyone on the outside, other teachers, nurses an...

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Writer's life is sometimes messy


Dear friend,

This week I trudge fiercely into the fun but also scary place of brainstorming for my next romance novel!

My brain is a mess as i...

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Who is Nikki Evans?


Who is Nikki Evans?

I wanted to write about Nikki before I had any idea what the book would be about. I knew who she was perfectly well, her fears and the dialogue going on inside her head. 

As a woman I understood how the “simple and superficial” things can mess up with your self-esteem. 

The visible scar on Nikki’s shoulder due to the fire that killed her parents and burned down her house is a constant reminder of the person she also lost in that place. Herself. Fear and sadness led her to cling to the wrong partner, Ryan...

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Latin Lovers in Puerto Vallarta!


Journey as a romance author-

 Contemporary Romance novel, Latin Lovers series book one is on its final editing round, and

I’m so excited this romance novel is entering this final stage after such a long journey…

A contemporary romance set in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! How hot is that? 

Nikki Evans, a North American scarred journalist falls for Diego San Roman, a famous...

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Adventure to Dragon's Isle


A boy with autism. A girl in danger. As two lost siblings travel to a magical land, can they find a way to save each other?

Risho is tired of being different. Even though he has fae blood and carries a powerful stone of protection, the struggling lad still feels trapped by mean bullies and the troubles of daily life. But after his younger sister is kidnapped by an evil wizard, he bravely vows to bring her home.

Kaia loves her older brother with all her heart. Yet the way everyone focuses on his problems makes her feel invisible. But when she’s abducted through a portal to a strange kingdom, the frustrated child finds more excitement than she ever desir...

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What is autism?



Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a difference in the way a kid’s brain develops. Kids with autism may have trouble understanding the world around them. Kids with autism might have trouble:

  • Talking and learning the meaning of words.
  • Making friends or fitting in.
  • Dealing with changes (like trying new foods, having a substitute teacher, having their toys moved or a change in routine).
  • Dealing with loud noises, bright lights or crowds.

Kids might also move in an unusual way (like flapping their hands or rocking), or do the same thing over and over (like saying the same w...

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The importance of creativity


Creativity, as I see it, is an important skill for any child and adult to have, as it is helpful throughout our lives. It is not only used or saved for “artistic people” but it is used in our daily lives. All children are born creative, we can see this in the way a child easily plays with toys or peers using their imagination without any sort of self-doubt.

But why is creativity so important:

It is a process of self-expression. Creative experiences can help children express and cope with their fee...

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Back to School!


Back to school!

Back to school can be exciting, but can also be mixed with so many different emotions! Maybe a little bit of sadness that summer is over, or anxiousness of what the school year may bring both academically and emotionally. Some kids adapt easily, while others might take longer, especially if moving to a new school.

One of my favourite ways as a teacher and parent to communicate with a child without them feeling pressured or in the spotlight, allowing us to see how the school year is going is through journaling. There are several ways this can be done, either through free writing or with the use of prompts, where we can guide their writing...

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