5 sexy date night ideas to try:


Why leave sexy moments for the pages of a novel?

Here are 5 sexy date  night ideas that need hardly no prep time to spice up your night (or day...)

1- play dirty...There are several couples sexy board games that you can purchase and have ready for you at home. You don't have one? No problem! Get two dice and assign something to do (kiss, lick, bite, touch etc) on one and a body part to the other die.

2-Roleplay! You can keep it right at home if you want, and as tame or wild as you and your partner feel comfortable. 

3- Romance novels, are a wonderful resource to ignite your imagination and libido. Flip to a steamy scene and read it out loud to each other. (download the first chapters of book 1 of the latin lovers series Sweet & Spicy)

4-Cooking or baking involve all senses and can be very sexy and fun! Feed each other, taste, smell and play around. Download the recipes from Diego in Sweet & Spicy here to recreate La Diosa martini and his Latin Lovers dessert.

5-Light candles to create a mood and give each other massages. Touching each other will start a fire....

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