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unlock your creativity and Steal Like an Artist


Did you know you can train yourself to be creative?

Creativity is not reserved for musicians, painters, writers and dancers, being creative is a way of living, it’s about success in any aspect of your life!

“Creativity is a fundamental human skill, it is something we all need and it is a key to success” 

Creativity is simply taking separate concepts and putting them together making them appear as new. 

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There are many ways to train yours...

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We are all creative artists!


Creativity is not reserved only for the chosen ones or the geniuses. It is not a lightning bolt that comes out of nowhere and strikes you with inspiration. 

It is a skill we are all born with, and can develop it even more and more on a daily basis. 

Our creative mind is working constantly, from deciding how to put together dinner leftovers and create a new meal from that, to what we will wear that day, to  painting a picture or writing a book. 

The first t...

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I'm in a love-hate relationship!


Hey my friend, I have to admit I am having a love-hate relationship with my current WIP… A Lover's Wish, book 2 in the Latin Lover's series.

I have so many ideas in my head and I can see them fully, the love scenes, why they are fighting and how they are fighting. My characters pop out clearly in my mind, who they are and why they are acting this way. The problem; when I sit down to write everything is so jumbled up. The characters are complex and I have simultaneous s...

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Alebrijes! Why we love them


 Alebrijes are spirit guides, strongly connected with nature. The Aztec people created these symbolic creatures mixing two living animals. Their role was to link the spirits and the real world and guide a person through their lives. It is also said that they are guardians to the souls of the deceased.

In the world of the living, they are referred to as spiritual guides for the soul, reminders of your place in the world, and society, holders of the torch; They are meant ...

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Character profile for A Lover's Wish


In this day of the dead (dark) romance novel, we will encounter five main characters, one we have met already in Sweet & Spicy, Mariana. 

Mariana: She is our main heroine in this story. We know from the previous book she is not in a good place. It is dark for her right now and covers it up with many sexual partners, drinking and parties. But here, in A Lover’s Wish, I will unveil the reason behind the pain she is trying so hard to numb. She is smart and most de...

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books give us knowledge & power


Hello dear friend, 

As you might know I am very passionate about autism awareness since I have am autistic son, and today I bring you a story that filled my heart with joy. I wrote my middle grade series Risho & Kaia based on my children in the hope that adults, teachers and children better understand what autism is. By the reader putting themselves in the main character’s shoes, it is a fun and engaging way of creating empathy for the character and learning mo...

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5 things I've learned from writing romance novels


Hi dear friend, 

Today I would love to share with you some of the things I have learned  while reading and writing romance novels.


1.-We all have our own paths with our own personal struggles:


Every novel that you read, the character needs to go through some sort of transformation, a character arc. Even though we may think that the girl next door might have it all compared to ourselves, we realize that even though she may not have the same struggles as...

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5 reasons we benefit from reading romance novels


Not sure if reading a romance novel is right for you? Here are five benefits I find when reading or writing a romance novel.

1- It is usually written by women for women, so the reader can very commonly identify and find a voice, inspiration and empowerment in the character’s journey. 

2.- It is a celebration of love and hope. As a romance reader you know that it will end in a HEA or a HFN bringing hope to the reader, knowing love is possible no matter the color of ...

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Writer's life is sometimes messy


Dear friend,

This week I trudge fiercely into the fun but also scary place of brainstorming for my next romance novel!

My brain is a mess as is my notebook! Full of bits and pieces, scenes here and there, and characters that visit me in the middle of the night with something witty they have said to the protagonist and I need to get up and write it down (which would be the smart thing to do…) Or, I think I am a genius and will remember it all by morning (which never hap...

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Latin Lovers in Puerto Vallarta!


Journey as a romance author-

 Contemporary Romance novel, Latin Lovers series book one is on its final editing round, and

I’m so excited this romance novel is entering this final stage after such a long journey…

A contemporary romance set in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! How hot is that? 

Nikki Evans, a North American scarred journalist falls for Diego San Roman, a famous Mexican chef!  This inter-ethnic relationship has all you want in a romance novel....

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