How to activate your femme fatale vibe in three easy steps


-Get more in touch with your pleasure. Yes, you read that correctly, it should feel pleasurable and good. We are not talking exclusively about sexuality, but sensuality. Sensuality involves your senses. All of your five senses throughout the day. Run your hands through your hair, enjoy and really taste the food in your mouth, smell the things around you. Feel more pleasure with tiny moments throughout the day. 

-Be intentional with your words. The femme fatale may not speak much but when she does she does it calmly and intentionally. There is power in what she has to say and how she says it. 

-Never chase. Femme fatale women simply draw people and situations to her, because she's magnetic, enchanting and mysterious. And how do you do that? Focus on yourself. Learn who you are and embrace it.

It basically all comes down to ATTITUDE and CONFIDENCE and the energy it creates around you as you become her. It isn’t about looks,  it is about how you carry yourself.


I will tell you a story… Not long ago, I found myself feeling blah… As a writer, if you’re not careful you can realize after a few days (hopefully!) that you might have been in your pj’s all day long, and this action becomes your energy. Suddenly I wasn't feeling very attractive and sensual, and I didn’t want my husband to feel that either. I did the simplest of things… I bought myself a beautiful soft japanese long robe and even if I was wearing my pj’s I felt sexier, more sensual, and my energy shifted, creating a whole femme fatale vibe.

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