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Cora- An urban fantasy YA essay


        Sixteen year old Cora knew she was gifted. She felt it, but had never been able to summon it.  Ever since she was a little girl, she knew there was something different about her, but couldn’t quite place or explain it, so she never told anyone about it. No one in her family was gifted, with special powers I mean, they were all gifted in a different way...

       Both her parents were martial arts experts, handed down and taught generation after generation. Flawless in the use of sword fighting and lethal with their hands and legs. Battles were part of their everyday life, as keepers of peace, KOP, they were called upon constantly. There were eleven KOPs in all that guarded the city. Although magic and “gifts” used to be part of their world, no one had not come across it for decades, ever since prince Galus killed his own father, the king, and took over the throne. He then contained all of the  magic within his throne, kidnapping everyone  who possessed  a gift, leaving the city defenseless and without it. The only thing that remained for their protection, was their superior fighting skills. Those could never be taken , it had been...

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