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Adventure to Dragon's Isle- five star review


Hi lovely reader, I want to share this review that I tought was beautiful.
Book 2 Adventure to Dragon's Isle was so special to me, as I was not as focused to establishing autism awareness asI was in book 1 but here I dug deeper into my characters and established a magical land of fae. Also, I wanted to touch a lot more on Kaia's character, her feelings and emotions and how she begins to find herself.
I leave you with the full five star review.
"Fantasy adventures, spell c...

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books give us knowledge & power


Hello dear friend, 

As you might know I am very passionate about autism awareness since I have am autistic son, and today I bring you a story that filled my heart with joy. I wrote my middle grade series Risho & Kaia based on my children in the hope that adults, teachers and children better understand what autism is. By the reader putting themselves in the main character’s shoes, it is a fun and engaging way of creating empathy for the character and learning mo...

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Books about autism #ownvoice


Picture this:

The school halls fill again with children at the beginning of the school year running, laughing and shouting to their friends “wait up!” as they push and shove their way through with laughter. Sounds echoing intensely straight into his ears. Tucked away on a corner a boy is covering his ears rocking back and forth and humming, trying to suppress the overstimulation. 

There are more than half a million school-age children with autism in the U.S.,...

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Adventure to Dragon's Isle


A boy with autism. A girl in danger. As two lost siblings travel to a magical land, can they find a way to save each other?

Risho is tired of being different. Even though he has fae blood and carries a powerful stone of protection, the struggling lad still feels trapped by mean bullies and the troubles of daily life. But after his younger sister is kidnapped by an evil wizard, he bravely vows to bring her home.

Kaia loves her older brother with all her heart. Yet the way ever...

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What is autism?



Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a difference in the way a kid’s brain develops. Kids with autism may have trouble understanding the world around them. Kids with autism might have trouble:

  • Talking and learning the meaning of words.
  • Making friends or fitting in.
  • Dealing with changes (like trying new foods, having a substitute teacher, having their toys moved or a change in routine).
  • Dealing with loud noises, bright lights or crowds.

Kids might also...

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The importance of creativity


Creativity, as I see it, is an important skill for any child and adult to have, as it is helpful throughout our lives. It is not only used or saved for “artistic people” but it is used in our daily lives. All children are born creative, we can see this in the way a child easily plays with toys or peers using their imagination without any sort of self-doubt.

But why is creativity so important:

It is a process of self-expression. Creative experiences can help childr...

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Back to School!


Back to school!

Back to school can be exciting, but can also be mixed with so many different emotions! Maybe a little bit of sadness that summer is over, or anxiousness of what the school year may bring both academically and emotionally. Some kids adapt easily, while others might take longer, especially if moving to a new school.

One of my favourite ways as a teacher and parent to communicate with a child without them feeling pressured or in the spotlight, allowing us to see ...

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