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Picture this:

The school halls fill again with children at the beginning of the school year running, laughing and shouting to their friends “wait up!” as they push and shove their way through with laughter. Sounds echoing intensely straight into his ears. Tucked away on a corner a boy is covering his ears rocking back and forth and humming, trying to suppress the overstimulation. 

There are more than half a million school-age children with autism in the U.S., and nearly all of those children are now being educated in public schools, but still very little information is given to anyone on the outside, other teachers, nurses and especially their own peers. 

Risho and Kaia is not only a book on autism, but it is written under his own voice, the voice of an autistic boy, helping teachers, parents and children understand what is going on inside his head. 

This fantastical interactive fantasy book, The Seed of Imagination, is perfect for back to school, great for the classroom teacher or parent as it engages in discussion questions after each chapter to learn, understand and befriend a child with autism.

Here are some reviews

John L. King

5.0 out of 5 stars


Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2020

Verified Purchase

Prepare to set sail on a magical adventure with Risho, a young boy with autism, and his sister, Kaia as they journey to find their stolen flower and its SEED OF IMAGINATION. Along the way they take the reader to places where they meet a host of colorful characters including a juggler, a clown, a dragon, a forest sprite named Melia and mystical drummers who guard a secret cave. With this beautiful book for young people, Aggie Unda pays homage to her own two children in this delightful yarn which allows readers to learn more about autism as they share the siblings’ adventure.

As a former classroom teacher, I appreciate the questions and discussion points at the end of each chapter which encourage reflection on what children with autism might be experiencing. It is a valuable tool for understanding and should be part of every school library


5.0 out of 5 stars

 Beautiful story of a boy with Autism!

Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2020

Verified Purchase

As a special education teacher, I am always trying to get inside the minds of my students. This wonderful story does just that! It invites me into Risho's mind and allows me to experience his creativity and imagination as he plays with his sister. How wonderful that the author and mother is so in tune with her son and wrote such a lovely story! I have worked with students with Autism for ten years now and only wish I could have such insight into all of their minds. Thank you, Aggie, for writing this book! (I also love that after each chapter there are "talking points" to help create conversation around Autism to promote acceptance and inclusivity!)

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