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The love story behind the famous song "La Llorona"


This is a love story. A sad and true story of love.

The song “La Llorona” (the crier) -and not to be confused with the legend of La Llorona-, is a well known and traditional Mexican song of love and pain.

It became popular after the Mexican Revolution (1910) its author remains anonymous.

It’s origin comes from the Zapotecas in Oaxaca, and this is the story:

 A young man from Tehuantepec went to a party in the nearby town of Juchitan in Oaxaca. There, he...

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Sweet & Spicy Goodreads review


Sweet & Spicy

A. Unda-Tames (Goodreads Author)


Lisa Mogilka's review
Feb 10, 2023

really liked it

🎤Mic 👏🏻 Drop 🎤 was the only thing I could picture at the end of Sweet & Spicy by A. Unda-Tames. The ending has me thinking of the more rated r word for holy poopsickles.
I found this book ultimately enjoyable.
A. Unda-Tames was able to draw the strongest emotions out of me in this book. I felt ange...

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Who is NIkki Evans- and why do we care?


Who is NIkki Evans- and why do we care?


Nikki Evans’s confidence lies in ashes. Devastated and physically scarred from the fire that claimed her parents’ lives, the wealthy reporter retreats to Puerto Vallarta with her unfaithful fiance. But a spark of hope reignites in her broken heart after interviewing a sexy rising-supertar chef. 


In fiction as in reality we bond with the woman's main character because we can relate. We understand what they ...

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pre-order is now available!


Yes my friends! pre-order is now available for only 0.99!!! (until february 8 2023)

As a token of my appreciation email me a proof of your pre-order and I will email you Diego's exclusive recipes of La Diosa martini and the famous Sweet & Spicy romance dessert! Just in time to celebrate love and romance on Valentine's day!

Pre-order Sweet & Spicy the first novel in the Latin Lovers series

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Character profile for A Lover's Wish


In this day of the dead (dark) romance novel, we will encounter five main characters, one we have met already in Sweet & Spicy, Mariana. 

Mariana: She is our main heroine in this story. We know from the previous book she is not in a good place. It is dark for her right now and covers it up with many sexual partners, drinking and parties. But here, in A Lover’s Wish, I will unveil the reason behind the pain she is trying so hard to numb. She is smart and most de...

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Would you fall for Diego San Roman....


Diego San Roman believes love is a recipe for disaster. Burned when his wife left abandoned him with teo young daughters, the rags to riches culinary master is nevertheless intigued by the attractive American covering his new opening. After posing as her date to an exclusive VIP fashion show, he can’t deny their searing chemistry.

If you like soft-hearted suitors, culinary intrigue, and beachside settings, then you'll adore this contemporary romance

Don't miss giveaways...

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Sweet & Spicy cover reveal!


Yes!!!! I'm so excited to reveal the cover of the new Sweet & Spicy novel in the Latin Lovers series!

Let me know what you think?


And without futher ado, here is the book description (drumroll...)


Neither knows how to trust. Can they stand the heat in the kitchen and dish up the perfect romance?


Nikki Evans’s confidence lies in ashes. Devastated and physically scarred from the fire that claimed her parents’ lives, the wealthy reporter retr...

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Sweet & Spicy, character reveal


Latin Lovers series- Sweet & Spicy

Hey my friend, I can’t wait to share with you the cover reveal  and of course the whole book!

Today I am thrilled to give you a glimpse of my two main characters. After spending months and months with the characters, creating them, writing about them and getting to know what goes on in their heads you feel so attached to the characters at the end. 

Allow me to share a personal story of a funny thing that happened to ...

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5 things I've learned from writing romance novels


Hi dear friend, 

Today I would love to share with you some of the things I have learned  while reading and writing romance novels.


1.-We all have our own paths with our own personal struggles:


Every novel that you read, the character needs to go through some sort of transformation, a character arc. Even though we may think that the girl next door might have it all compared to ourselves, we realize that even though she may not have the same struggles as...

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5 reasons we benefit from reading romance novels


Not sure if reading a romance novel is right for you? Here are five benefits I find when reading or writing a romance novel.

1- It is usually written by women for women, so the reader can very commonly identify and find a voice, inspiration and empowerment in the character’s journey. 

2.- It is a celebration of love and hope. As a romance reader you know that it will end in a HEA or a HFN bringing hope to the reader, knowing love is possible no matter the color of ...

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Who is Nikki Evans?


Who is Nikki Evans?

I wanted to write about Nikki before I had any idea what the book would be about. I knew who she was perfectly well, her fears and the dialogue going on inside her head. 

As a woman I understood how the “simple and superficial” things can mess up with your self-esteem. 

The visible scar on Nikki’s shoulder due to the fire that killed her parents and burned down her house is a constant reminder of the person she also lost in that...

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