Who is Nikki Evans?


Who is Nikki Evans?

I wanted to write about Nikki before I had any idea what the book would be about. I knew who she was perfectly well, her fears and the dialogue going on inside her head. 

As a woman I understood how the “simple and superficial” things can mess up with your self-esteem. 

The visible scar on Nikki’s shoulder due to the fire that killed her parents and burned down her house is a constant reminder of the person she also lost in that place. Herself. Fear and sadness led her to cling to the wrong partner, Ryan Phillips (more on him later…). A man who knew exactly what to say to make her feel less of herself but at the same time clung to him even more. 

Nikki, bright and talented, burned herself to ashes along with her house and it will not be an easy road for her to rise from them stronger, braver and even more beautiful than before.

An inspiration for all women who have been physically and emotionally scarred.

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