5 things I've learned from writing romance novels


Hi dear friend, 

Today I would love to share with you some of the things I have learned  while reading and writing romance novels.


1.-We all have our own paths with our own personal struggles:


Every novel that you read, the character needs to go through some sort of transformation, a character arc. Even though we may think that the girl next door might have it all compared to ourselves, we realize that even though she may not have the same struggles as we do, she/he still has her own barriers she/he may need to conquer and break free from.


2.- We can get through dark times even though it may seem impossible at first:


Time and time again we see our main character run into challenging situations. We see her fall and get up again. As we all know we will fall many times in our path, but we will brush the dust off, learn from our mistakes  and try again until we get it right.


3.-There is someone out there that will love us unconditionally:


Not everyone might be right for us, and we will sometimes learn this the hard way, but  I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone! And, no, not everyone is perfect, not even ourselves, even though that may be hard to believe…  ;) but the beauty of it is, that we don’t have to be. We can love and be loved by someone with our own or opposite quirky imperfections.


4.-We need to work on ourselves before things begin to fall into place


We need to be in a good place ourselves before we can even start thinking of another person complementing us. Yes this could be a long and deep journey, but it is also a fun one!  We accept who we are, we love who we are… Not only physically but also our personality, our thoughts, ideas and feelings. This is a good place to start, building confidence in us as a person. Confidence and attitude go a long long way!


5.-Hot steamy, passionate loving sex awaits….


Sex has been such of a taboo for a long time making us feel “bad” if we somehow enjoyed it. On the contrary, sex is beautiful when done with the correct person. Yes, I do believe you  have to be mature physically and emotionally for it ( and aware of certain risks, so please know all these before considering being intimate), but once you are there,  it is the utmost expression of love! Freedom of expression regarding this act can have such a wide range that we will not go into now, but maybe in a different blog post…

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