5 reasons we benefit from reading romance novels


Not sure if reading a romance novel is right for you? Here are five benefits I find when reading or writing a romance novel.

1- It is usually written by women for women, so the reader can very commonly identify and find a voice, inspiration and empowerment in the character’s journey. 

2.- It is a celebration of love and hope. As a romance reader you know that it will end in a HEA or a HFN bringing hope to the reader, knowing love is possible no matter the color of the skin, background or social status etc.

3.- We  learn that sex is good,  pleasurable and it is okay to enjoy it!  It builds  deep connections to another person just as it does in real life. 

4- We develop empathy and understanding of other people. Everyone has their own past with their unique obstacles that they have to overcome. The path might not be easy, and it is most probably not, but at the end it is possible, emerging triumphant not only in love but as a person.

5.- Romance novels are books! So no matter what genre you choose to read, it is well known that reading has many benefits, such as: It improves brain connectivity, increases vocabulary and comprehension, reduces stress, prevents cognitive decline amongst others.

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