Character profile for A Lover's Wish


In this day of the dead (dark) romance novel, we will encounter five main characters, one we have met already in Sweet & Spicy, Mariana. 

Mariana: She is our main heroine in this story. We know from the previous book she is not in a good place. It is dark for her right now and covers it up with many sexual partners, drinking and parties. But here, in A Lover’s Wish, I will unveil the reason behind the pain she is trying so hard to numb. She is smart and most definitely beautiful. “ A goddess” as Nikki stated in book 1 of Latin Lovers series. 

Dante: A definite  yummy and delicious bad boy Mariana had a relationship with  years ago. He taught her many things she was not ready for and changed her life forever. But, he did not teach her how to stop loving him and how to get over the pain he caused her.

Mateo: He is kind, smart, sexy and sensitive, everything a girl would want, even Mariana... But, soon discovers something that had never happened to her before, he doesn't want her back…

Mateo can easily see she is not a girl you would want to get involved with, but can he follow his head instead of his heart?

Camila: Despite Mariana’s attitude against women, Camila sees the good in everyone and knows how loyal and kind Mariana actually is to the people she trusts and loves. She is a true friend despite the difficulty in joining her circle of trust. But is she close enough for Mariana to help out when she finds herself in a dangerous situation?

Sofia: She is all about greed and jealousy, her lack of self esteem makes her do the impossible to feel better and get an adrenaline rush. She doesn’t like Mariana, especially, she doesn’t like the way Dante looks at her as she immediately noticed how his pupils dilated the minute he saw Mariana after so many years.


So here it is my friend,  a very rough introduction to my characters in A Lovers’s Wish, a day of the dead romance novel in the Latin Lover’s contemporary romance series. I hope you are as excited for this novel as I am. I will keep you posted. The best way to not miss on any updates, giveaways and more is to subscribe here to my newsletter which you will receive once a month! It is a fun place to be!

This is currently a work in progress so some things, ideas or characteristics may change slightly. 

A Lover's wish will be released summer 2023

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