Why do we love a love triangle trope?


What exactly is a love triangle?

It's when a character — usually the main character — has to choose between two potential love interests, both of whom usually seem equally appealing to them.


Why Do People Like Love Triangles?


 Many readers enjoy this trope because they like to feel special and feel as if they're being a rebel without actually being one. The thrill, the secrecy, the sizzle.

Imagine having two people trying to show you they cherish you more than the other. They are fighting for you — you are a person that warrants their tireless efforts to court you and win you over.

This trope stands the test of time because it creates tension, encourages character development, and invites emotional investment. The love triangle is versatile like any good trope is. It comes in numerous forms, through countless stories, and emotions. The Love Triangle trope can be a sub plot of the central theme. Either way, it is hard to not entangle yourself in the juicy and enticing drama of a character’s love life.

Mariana, is a dark romance novel that follows her on a mysterious path to become the woman she is meant to be. In book 1 she encounters a love triangle where she is torn between her mafia-ex and a mysterious new stranger. Can she find healing amid the revelries on the Night of the Dead?

Filled with culture, suspense and sizzle, you won’t be able to put Mariana down.

“ Mariana, is a dark but beautiful story of a feisty girl with a troubled heart after having it broken at a young age. In this book you see her grow and become a woman who learns to understand herself, her past and what she wants from the future. I fell in love instantly with her vulnerability and her strength to keep going. This is a book you will not be able to put down so be prepared for the whirlwind you won't be disappointed.” - Sara

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