Who is Mariana, and what to expect from this novel?


Mariana is a dark romance novel with mystical elements from the day of the dead woven into it. Alebrijes, the Aztec goddess of death - Mictecacihuatl - and other cultural elements visit the novel in a tantalizing way. 


A dark romance, where Mariana, a  young woman who was abandoned without a word by her first love, left her behind, not only with a broken heart but with a backpack full of illicit money. 


The beautiful Latina relied on booze to numb her pain until given the chance to attend the secret day of the Dead Masquerade party.


Immediately, she’s intrigued by a stranger, also disguised as everyone else, in a traditional Catrin make-up and costume. Her attraction towards him leads her to chase after him throughout the hacienda and down into the underground clandestine party, until she’s abruptly stopped by a familiar man’s voice behind her. A voice she has been yearning to hear again for over eight years…


After the initiation ritual of the selected few, chosen to stay, not only she’s now drawn deeper into the mysterious games of the festival but also unexpectedly finds herself entangled with the mob.


Mariana is torn between the intoxicating stranger, Mateo, and the familiar danger of her dark hidden past with Dante.


Suspense and sizzle collide in this novel where a good girl goes bad.


Queen of the South meets Caraval = Mariana


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