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What is femenine energy and how to connect with it


Feminine energy comes from the heart. 

It is not an energy based on gender, it is open, free and it moves with the flow of life.

The feminine energy is a strong creative force that can be expressed in many ways such as writing, dancing, painting, singing and/or dreaming of new ideas. Let it flow without judgment to yourself and others. 

  Allow yourself to feel, and recharge doing the things you love, or even, not doing anything at all. Listen to music, read a ...

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Raise Your Standards


Dear divine muse, this is the perfect time to become the dream version of ourselves,  improve and change what has not been working for us. A new start filled with dreams and I have tip number one to make that happen,  the only thing you need to know in order to make a long term change in any area of your life: RAISE YOUR STANDARDS

I am a Tony Robbins fan, because of his practical approach to getting things done, and the first thing he mentions in most of his books, ...

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Engage compassion


"Even the fiercest warrior must keep compassion at the heart of their work, or their bravery becomes empty ego bravado. Grace reminds us to move sharp-eared, sure footed and tender hearted across the woods of both inner and outer nature. When we hold ourselves to a standar of grace over perfection, and mercy over judgment, Wild Woman rises" 

This calendar is so beautiful! The images the words I love everything about it. This is November's 2022

Wild Woman rising  &nb...

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Who is the Divine Muse?


Who is the divine muse? She inspires you to live better, to be better. She brings beauty and love to the world. She lives her dreams and knows her worth. YOU are a divine muse. 


Who were the original muses?

Goddesses to whom poets or any artist prayed to award them the gift of divine inspiration. I talk about original muses in a different blog post, for the the question is: 

Do you want to become a muse to your own creative life or inspire someone and become...

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12 steps to becoming a better you- Priyanka Chopra Jonas


Early in the morning at 5 am I like to wake up, meditate and watch a couple of videos where they will set me off to a graat day! I will then journal and I am ready for my day. This process usually takes from 5am to 6:50am when my children wake up and we get ready for their school day ahead. I often encounter wonderful videos and this is one of them.

Here are Priyanka Chopra Jonas's 12 rules to becoming a better you:

1- There’s only one you. Understand who really that p...

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How to create passion in our everyday life


I LOVE passion! It is one of my favorite emotions that gets that fire inside of me burning!

 As we have learned from our heroines in books, and in my previous blog, How to incorporate Romantic living into our life, we first have to become who we truly are before being able to attract or give to our partner.


I want to dive deeper into the third point we touched in that post which was: Seek for passion and love in what you do

     Imagine wh...

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Ways to incorporate Romantic living into your life


What is Romantic Living?


Romantic living is inspired by Romanticism in literature. It sees beauty in the world, ourselves and others


I personally believe we are in a period of time where, especially women, have taken this era and made it our own, personalized, and brought  into our daily lives.


 I am not talking about ways of  being romantic, (lowercase “r”) which is an  “expression of love and dedication in a ...

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The importance of creativity


Creativity, as I see it, is an important skill for any child and adult to have, as it is helpful throughout our lives. It is not only used or saved for “artistic people” but it is used in our daily lives. All children are born creative, we can see this in the way a child easily plays with toys or peers using their imagination without any sort of self-doubt.

But why is creativity so important:

It is a process of self-expression. Creative experiences can help childr...

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