What is femenine energy and how to connect with it


Feminine energy comes from the heart. 

It is not an energy based on gender, it is open, free and it moves with the flow of life.

The feminine energy is a strong creative force that can be expressed in many ways such as writing, dancing, painting, singing and/or dreaming of new ideas. Let it flow without judgment to yourself and others. 

  Allow yourself to feel, and recharge doing the things you love, or even, not doing anything at all. Listen to music, read a book or watch your favorite show. 

The feminine energy connects you to your heart, your intuition and desires. So, who knows, if you allow yourself to feel, you might be surprised to find what you’ve been lacking…

Do not be afraid of the feminine energy, it is divine and has been honored for millenia, and was probably the first of the Divine energies to be venerated by humans. There are different ways you can connect with this energy, one of those is through oracle cards. One of the decks I use when I need/want to connect to this energy are Goddesses and Sirens by Stacey Demarco.

Here are 10 ways I learned from Jillz Guerin on how to increase your feminine energy

1.- Get creative

2- Be softer, gentler, free and open

3.- Embrace some light masculine structure

4.-Move in an intuitive way, fun, connected to the heart and sensuality

5.-Allow yourself to feel your feelings

6.-Soak up mother nature! Go outside and soak up the sun, plants, rivers flowers, whatever is available to you

7.-Make time for play

8- Don’t waste time on things that don’t make you happy

9.- Have phone free days

10.- Let yourself receive. Enjoy your feminine magnetic quality.

here is the link to her you tube video

I hope you enjoy connecting and reconnecting to this soft but powerful energy

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