Ways to incorporate Romantic living into your life


What is Romantic Living?


Romantic living is inspired by Romanticism in literature. It sees beauty in the world, ourselves and others


I personally believe we are in a period of time where, especially women, have taken this era and made it our own, personalized, and brought  into our daily lives.


 I am not talking about ways of  being romantic, (lowercase “r”) which is an  “expression of love and dedication in a way that's intentional, unmistakable,  deeply affectionate, and often involves dramatic or passionate gestures, though smaller actions that indicate enduring affection.” Dear friend, don’t take me wrong, I absolutely love being a romantic and I will talk about this in a different blog post…


 But what we are focusing on here is, appreciating and looking to incorporate a Romantic way of living into our personal lifestyle.


The Romantic movement in literature consisted of these points amongst others


  • Awareness and acceptance of emotion.
  • Celebration of artistic creativity and imagination.
  • The writers of this era did not shy away from the dark side of emotions and exploration of spiritual and supernatural elements.
  • Appreciated and seeked solitude.


Romanticism Definition in literature

The term Romanticism does not stem directly from the concept of love, but rather from the French word romaunt (a romantic story told in verse). Romanticism focused on emotions and the inner life of the writer, and often used autobiographical material to inform the work or even provide a template for it, unlike traditional literature at the time.

Romanticism celebrated the primitive and elevated "regular people" as being deserving of celebration, which was an innovation at the time. Romanticism also fixated on nature as a primordial force and encouraged the concept of isolation as necessary for spiritual and artistic development.

What exactly is Romantic living and how can we incorporate it into our lives? 


Here are some basic points to start off with:


1.- Look for authentic emotions and trust your intuition:

      Do not shy away from feelings, and listen to your gut or feminine intuition.

2.- Embrace all ways of artistic expression:

      It doesn’t mean you have to be an artist, but expressing ourselves through any art form is liberating, reaching deep inside us when we allow it to flow, finding our true self.

3.- Seek for passion and love in what you do:

     Imagine what it would feel like waking up each morning eager to get to work, because that is exactly what you are passionate about.

4.- Seek to discover who you really are:

     This does not come easy to some women, believe me it took me years to begin to  know who I was and what I was passionate for, but there are resources, books and tools     to help you guide the way. Journaling is a great tool for this that I will talk about in a different post.

5.- Learn about spirituality and the supernatural: I began this journey through meditation and oracle cards, and really love it!

6.- Welcome individualism

7.- Show  love and respect to nature (mother earth, animals the cosmos etc)

8.- Recognize the importance of imagination and creativity. Like Einstein said “Creativity is more important than knowledge. Knowledge will take you from A-Z. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

9.- Believe in equality and embrace others. (culture, people, color, etc) 

10.- Focus on love and finding beauty in the simplest of things. 

11.- Have an interest in learning: “The very act of learning something new disrupts the way you’ve always seen things-and the way you’ve always been.” - Robin Sharma    

  11.- Believe in romance but also appreciate romantic fiction                                                                                                  12.-Practice self-care: This is the first step to loving yourself.              

Do you feel you are a Romantic? 

I would love to know what else do you add into your Romantic Living!

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The points of view in this blog post and others are my personal opinion.

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