Who is the Divine Muse?


Who is the divine muse? She inspires you to live better, to be better. She brings beauty and love to the world. She lives her dreams and knows her worth. YOU are a divine muse. 


Who were the original muses?

Goddesses to whom poets or any artist prayed to award them the gift of divine inspiration. I talk about original muses in a different blog post, for the the question is: 

Do you want to become a muse to your own creative life or inspire someone and become his/her muse?


1-Spend time with creative people, people that like to spark beauty and imagination instead of bringing others  down or criticizing the world around them.

2- Be a muse to yourself and others and be open to new ideas. The first idea might not be the one, but it will lead you to the following idea that might be the one of your choosing. 

3-Encourage to explore more deeply and engage in deep conversation. Forget for a moment about rules of what can be or not be done and simply enjoy the flow of ideas within you or with your creative partner and muse. Simply be wild and joyful as new ideas suddenly pop into your mind and develop from there.


If you are a divine muse, do not be afraid to embrace your feminine spirit, sensuality and uniqueness, for you have your own energy which no one can duplicate and therefore bring originality to your work or inspiration to others. Your emotions are your guide system to a creative and better life. They let you know clearly what makes you happy and what doesn’t. 

Allow your creative energy to flow in all areas of your life. 


 The Divine Muse Blog will talk about the beauty of feminine Goddess energy, creativity, inspiration and how we can apply it everyday to live a life of beauty, love and our true beautiful self. 

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