The Art of Seduction starts by learning to seduce ourselves


Dark feminine archetype, femme fatale, the art of seduction all of these begin with being able to indulge ourselves…

As women we often feel guilty for putting ourselves first. Many or even most of us probably put ourselves  after our kids, spouse and work, and when we finally decide to take time for ourselves we feel guilty about it. Right?

Tapping into our sensuality requires that we learn to seduce ourselves first, and learn to know ourselves better, connect with our body and spirit through pleasure.

 Do you know what you like? What makes you happy? Can you eat that piece of chocolate without feeling guilty? 

One of the traits of dark feminine energy is being able to take pleasure for herself. 

Try this today:

 Start by slowing down and enjoy the flavors of the food in your mouth, how the sun caresses your body, the soft fluffy towel as you’re drying your skin. Try and find a pleasurable sensation during your day using your five senses, slow down, close your eyes if you want and indulge in the pleasure of the moment.

 At the end of the day, try and remember what they were and if you wish write them down in your journal.

Pleasure is not something you escape from, tap into those small sensations and train your body and mind to become familiar with the feeling. You deserve to be pampered and learn to enjoy with all your senses and pleasure will start to become part of your everyday life. This way your are stepping closer to the dark feminine energy, the femme fatale and the art of seduction…

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