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The Siren


  • Keys to the character:

The Siren is the most ancient seductress of them all. There is a mythic quality to them such as Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. The Siren represents a powerful male fantasy of a highly sexual, extremely confident and alluring female offering endless pleasure combined with a hint of danger.

Sometimes the most powerful man will do the most irrational thing for a thrill. The irrational c...

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The Seductive Character


“We all have the power of attraction”-  Robert Greene

Sometimes we think being attractive involves being born that way…Being lucky! A near mystical trait only a few are born with. Let me assure you, it is not.

All we need to do is realize what it i...

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The Art of Seduction starts by learning to seduce ourselves


Dark feminine archetype, femme fatale, the art of seduction all of these begin with being able to indulge ourselves…

As women we often feel guilty for putting ourselves first. Many or even most of us probably put ourselves  after our kids, spouse and work, and when we finally decide to take time for ourselves we feel guilty about it. Right?

Tapping into our sensuality requires that we lear...

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Light & Dark Feminine Energies


Light and dark feminine energies are two faces of the same medal. And although many women incline themselves towards the light feminine, a softer side, we will learn and explore as to why the dark feminine is equally important as a woman. 

Dark feminine energy does not equal masculine energy. Masculine energy is about logic, initiative and determination in the persuasion of goals. It is the energy that drives us to action. 

Feminine energy  focuses on internal emotions and manifestation. It focuses on being and receiving, on...

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How to activate your femme fatale vibe in three easy steps


-Get more in touch with your pleasure. Yes, you read that correctly, it should feel pleasurable and good. We are not talking exclusively about sexuality, but sensuality. Sensuality involves your senses. All of your five senses throughout the day. Run your hands through your hair, enjoy and really taste the food in your mouth, smell the things around you. Feel more pleasure with tiny moments throughout the day. 

-Be intentional with your words. The femme fatale may not speak much but when she does she does it calmly and intentionally. There is power...

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welcome to the dark side...


There is a misconception that the dark side is bad, wrong or evil, but there are many positive characteristics to the dark feminine archetype. 

Women with these characteristics are powerful, assertive,  independent, sensual, intuitive, and have a deep connection to their  innermost desires and fears. 

Strong dark feminines have played an important role throughout history like Kali and Morrigan amongst others.

Woman who resonate with this archetype are usually more drawn to a darker romance novel, where they can relate to the main character. Usually an imperfect, powerful, sensual woman, who accepts her sensuality, looks for thrills and adventure and a man that...

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5 sexy date night ideas to try:


Why leave sexy moments for the pages of a novel?

Here are 5 sexy date  night ideas that need hardly no prep time to spice up your night (or day...)

1- play dirty...There are several couples sexy board games that you can purchase and have ready for you at home. You don't have one? No problem! Get two dice and assign something to do (kiss, lick, bite, touch etc) on one and a body part to the other die.

2-Roleplay! You can keep it right at home if you want, and as...

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