Light & Dark Feminine Energies


Light and dark feminine energies are two faces of the same medal. And although many women incline themselves towards the light feminine, a softer side, we will learn and explore as to why the dark feminine is equally important as a woman. 

Dark feminine energy does not equal masculine energy. Masculine energy is about logic, initiative and determination in the persuasion of goals. It is the energy that drives us to action. 

Feminine energy  focuses on internal emotions and manifestation. It focuses on being and receiving, on self-care and creativity. 

 All individuals possess both masculine and feminine energies. Now we will divide feminine energy in two:

Light feminine energy is in a way more “accepted” or what most women are inclined towards with qualities of it being:






Amongst others…

Dark feminine energy if correctly used can be a valuable asset and compliment to our lighters side. When are a re not afraid to embody this side of our feminine energy we are able to bring out in us important qualities such as:







 Amongst others…

Finding the right balance between these two energies can be a great ally in our daily lives.

In another post we will talk about how to access our dark feminine side, the importance of these characteristics and when and how to use it!

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(ideas taken from the book Dark feminine energy by Emily Reacher)


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