The Seductive Character


“We all have the power of attraction”-  Robert Greene

Sometimes we think being attractive involves being born that way…Being lucky! A near mystical trait only a few are born with. Let me assure you, it is not.

All we need to do is realize what it is in a person’s character that naturally excites people. Successful seduction begins knowing yourself and your own character. Your ability to radiate some quality that attracts people and stirs their emotions beyond their control.

There are nine seducer types, each with its own and unique character trait that creates a seduction pull:


  • Sirens: Have an abundance of sexual energy and know how to use it.
  • Rakes: Insatiably adore the opposite sex ( ot the one they’re attracted to), and their desire is infectious.
  • Ideal Lovers: Have an aesthetic sensibility that they apply to romance.
  • Dandies: Like to play with their image, creating a striking androgynous allure.
  • Naturals: Are spontaneous and open.
  • Coquettes: Are self-sufficient, with a fascinating cool at their core.
  • Charmers: Want and know how to please, they are social creatures.
  • Charismatics: Have an unusual confidence in themselves
  • Stars: Are ethereal and envelop themselves in mystery.

One of these should strike a chord in you and feel relatable. Once you get to know the specific characteristics of your own unique character(s) and step inside of them, allow it to grow, develop and release the seductive character that is dormant inside of you. 


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The information in this blog post is taken from the book The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene.

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