Raise Your Standards


Dear divine muse, this is the perfect time to become the dream version of ourselves,  improve and change what has not been working for us. A new start filled with dreams and I have tip number one to make that happen,  the only thing you need to know in order to make a long term change in any area of your life: RAISE YOUR STANDARDS

I am a Tony Robbins fan, because of his practical approach to getting things done, and the first thing he mentions in most of his books, videos, webinar, etc is this one simple phrase. RAISE YOUR STANDARDS

“We don’t get what we want, we get what we have to have.” That simple change in words allows us to change our attitude towards ourselves.  “We all get what we tolerate in ourselves and in other people.” So true isn’t it? So the difference in people all around us, is their standards towards themselves and others. 

Clark Kegley, a youtuber I follow explains  it in a different way, giving me the perfect visual to understand it fully. 

Imagine you set your home thermostat to a certain temperature, let's say 72 degrees, that temperature within the room will stay set there no matter what. If the room gets colder because of the weather outside, it will immediately raise it to 72 degrees, but, it is also true, if the room begins to get hotter it will lower it to 72 degrees. 

Same thing happens within us, we adjust our own thermostat to whatever  “temperature” we decide to. We have our own thermostat and we will not accept anything higher or lower to what we have adjusted it to. So, RAISE YOUR STANDARDS and adjust the thermostat to the highest most loved version of you, the woman you want to be,  and let your “shoulds become your musts” .

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