top ten most talked about romance novels in book groups!


Let me tell you, I have been victim of this... I am part of several romance novel groups and it's wonderfully addictive. I've found my tribe! We all love to read, especially romance, and I must confess I have bought several book because of these ladies recommendations. The last three books I bought within the last month or so has been 1.- Pen Pal by J.T Geissinger 2- Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas and 3- Hooked by Emily Mcintire. Not to mention the amount of added books to my TBR list that keeps on growing!!!

So I created the Top Ten most talked about romance novels in book groups! Download the list and and check it off as you read! Please let me know which ones are your favorite and what other books would you add. Bare in mind this is my opinion and the books I have seen posted most often.

Download the list here!

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