Finding beauty in imperfection


 Scrolling through social media, trying to stand out from everyone else. Trying to write the perfect book, or the perfect quote. Looking “beautiful, young, flawless”...
We are faced with “perfection” wherever we look, but dear friends, I have to repeat this to myself over and over again no one is. And it is precisely that, that makes each one of us beautiful; we are beautifully imperfect.
Kintsugi, is a Japanese art that when a vase is broken it is glued back together with gold highlights making those cracks stand out even brighter, making the vase more beautiful and completely unique.
Wabi-Sabi is finding beauty in “imperfection” , this is what I’m looking for myself , especially during this week.
I will be kind when I look into the mirror or when I look at my work in progress. I will also be kind to myself for resting and recharging. I am not being “lazy” I am giving myself self care.
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