Writer's life is sometimes messy


Dear friend,

This week I trudge fiercely into the fun but also scary place of brainstorming for my next romance novel!

My brain is a mess as is my notebook! Full of bits and pieces, scenes here and there, and characters that visit me in the middle of the night with something witty they have said to the protagonist and I need to get up and write it down (which would be the smart thing to do…) Or, I think I am a genius and will remember it all by morning (which never happens…)

Since I was writing Mariana’s character in book 1 I knew I wanted her to be the protagonist in book 2. A good girl gone bad! It checked so many of my favourite things and I couldn’t wait to lead her on her adventurous path in order to find herself in her own book… 

As I brainstorm for book 2 in the Latin Lovers series, at this point I definitely do know what I want, but also question so many other things and IF I want them for her journey. 

By now, I  basically  have all of act one! Okay, I have it all in my head…. I even know what I would like the cover to look like! I am, though, stuck on which tropes to include…..

Enemies to lovers is one of my favorites, and I was thinking of maybe including a love triangle in there. Knowing Mariana’s personality, I could easily see her going through this, so I might throw in that trope. I can’t wait for you to meet her in book 1!

This week is all about brainstorming and outlining. I am using a b6 Stalogy and a mauve croc Moterm notebook cover, which btw I love!!!

I would most definitely like to hear your thoughts, opinions and most loved tropes!

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Aggie Unda-Tames

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