How Stephen King and Dan Brown saved the day?


Because a new coffee mug solves it all!

We are back! Back from vacations where I soaked up as much sun and chlorine as I could… 

There is something about laying under the sun wide awake with your eyes closed that ideas flow. From time to time, I would get up and jot the idea down in my notebook, shushing anyone that would dare speak to me… Sorry hubby...

My goal is two weeks. Two weeks to have a basic outline and I will start writing. I will stress out for not having a full and complete outline where I knew what the  characters were doing and what they were up to. Until Stephen King came. He galloped in his dark horse and creepy armor to save me from even more procrastination.

 Stephen King allows the characters to speak to him as he writes, and develops the story as he goes without a fixed plan. That’s fun! That’s what the first draft is for.

Now, I know I’m no Stephen King, but I do have a voice, my own voice that I  want to express.

As you might know, I absolutely loved Dan Brown’s MasterClass and I do want to follow some of his  suggested outline structure I learned from his class, but I will also trust my own voice and let my characters speak to me and tell me what they want and need to do as the story flows. That sounds exciting! And I believe that’s what writing to a writer should be all about. 

So here I am, armed with my new coffee mug brainstorming ideas for Mariana 2!!!

I have summarized Part 1 of  Dan Brown’s Masterclass here if you want to take a look 

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