We are all creative artists!


Creativity is not reserved only for the chosen ones or the geniuses. It is not a lightning bolt that comes out of nowhere and strikes you with inspiration. 

It is a skill we are all born with, and can develop it even more and more on a daily basis. 

Our creative mind is working constantly, from deciding how to put together dinner leftovers and create a new meal from that, to what we will wear that day, to  painting a picture or writing a book. 

The first thing we need to do as artists (yes, we are calling ourselves that) is break free from the idea of not being good enough. The creative process has many phases, and believe me your first sketch, draft or clothes combination might not be the final result, and that is ok! That is why it is called the creative process… 

There are several ways to tap into our creative flow and wonderful books that I will share and talk about in the next blog posts to help us feel more comfortable and free with our  creativity and explore our own process.

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