Dante- A delicious bad boy...

If you’re into bad boys, Dante is your guy….

Dark, sensual and oh my…sizzling hot!

As soon as he laid eyes on Mariana he knew all the dirty things he wanted to do to her. She smelled of gardenia flowers and honeysuckle, she smelled of purity and innocence, something he couldn’t wait to destroy…

He will take what he likes and “no”  isn’t in his vocabulary. 

Trapped deep in the mafia, he will do anything he can to keep Mariana safe. 

But will he put her before him?


Chapter 13 DANTE

"I felt dangerously alive standing next to her. My skin was alert and raw, and excitement was palpable in the air. Breathing felt different, fuller, better, not a repetitive motion I had done for years. She was pure innocence, dressed in knee-high socks and a short plaid school skirt. 

I had seen her before, here, after school with her friends getting ice cream. I had been watching her. I also knew she had seen me before watching her. I had been trained to notice every detail and read every person, because if I got it wrong, it would mean the difference between life and death. I needed the perfect girl for the job, and she was the one. I was sure of it. It was an additional plus that she also happened to raise every single dirty thought in my mind. I had already imagined ripping her panties off, shoving them into her mouth while I pulled her skirt up, turning her around so I could dig myself deep into her, making her say my name with each thrust."

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