Risho & Kaia "The Seed of Imagination"

book 1

PepsiCo EnAble X Adelante Book Club Pick

Published: 6/15/2020

Risho and his sister Kaia find that their magical, powerful flower that holds The Seed of Imagination has been stolen. They embark on a perilous journey, solving riddles, encountering challenges and battles, and conquering fears, in order to find it. They experience marvelous adventures and make new friends as they are led to the heavily guarded Drummer's cave in hopes to find the evil magician who stole it. And when they can't rely on the magical beings and dragons for help, will the unexpected gifts we all possess be enough to get The Seed of Imagination out of the hands of the evil magician?The Seed of Imagin...

Praise for Risho & Kaia "The Seed of Imagination"

"This book is fantastic and has a great sense of imagination. It has non-stop entertainment, packed with fun, action and humor! One of my favorite books as of now!"

- Elijah, age 11

"It's a kind...

Risho & Kaia "Adventure to Dragon's Isle"

Book 2

Published: 3/24/2022

A boy with autism. A girl in danger. As two lost siblings travel to a magical land, can they find a way to save each other?

Risho is tired of being different. Even though he has fae blood and carries a powerful stone of protection, the struggling lad still feels trapped by mean bullies and the troubles of d...

Sweet & Spicy

Latin Lovers series

Published: 2/9/2023

Neither knows how to trust. Can they stand the heat in the kitchen and dish up the perfect romance?
Nikki Evans’s confidence lies in ashes. Devastated and physically scarred from the fire that claimed her parents’ lives, the wealthy reporter retreats to Puerto Vallarta with her...


Latin Lovers series

Published: 10/5/2023

He left her long ago. When she’s invited to a clandestine celebration, can she cash in on

love without getting into bed with the mob?


Praise for Mariana

Mariana has all the S's - Seduction, Sizzle, and Suspense! Think Survivor meets The Bachelorette meets Queen of the South! I enjoyed all the details around the Day of the Dead festival and trials. The love triangle between Mariana, her past/lost love (Dante) and a potential new love connection (Mateo) is steamy and complex. And Mariana's discovery of the cartel's activities happening on the s...

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