Risho & Kaia "The Seed of Imagination"

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PepsiCo EnAble X Adelante Book Club Pick

Published: 6/15/2020

Risho and his sister Kaia find that their magical, powerful flower that holds The Seed of Imagination has been stolen. They embark on a perilous journey, solving riddles, encountering challenges and battles, and conquering fears, in order to find it. They experience marvelous adventures and make new friends as they are led to the heavily guarded Drummer's cave in hopes to find the evil magician who stole it. And when they can't rely on the magical beings and dragons for help, will the unexpected gifts we all possess be enough to get The Seed of Imagination out of the hands of the evil magician?The Seed of Imagination takes the reader inside the mind of Risho, an autistic boy, as we think his thoughts and feel his emotions. This interactive book delivers a powerful message as the reader lives and experiences the world through Risho's eyes


Praise for Risho & Kaia "The Seed of Imagination"

"This book is fantastic and has a great sense of imagination. It has non-stop entertainment, packed with fun, action and humor! One of my favorite books as of now!"

- Elijah, age 11

"It's a kind adventurous book. Every child should read it!"

- Sienna, age 11

"In this book you will learn to have plenty of imagination, and learn to be friends with an autistic person"

- Bode, age 10

"I thought this book was so interactive and cliffhanging. It is so descriptive and awesome!"

- Seven, age 10

"An educational and sensational journey! My class loved every page."

- Mrs.Murray, 5th grade teacher



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