Latin Lovers series

Published: 10/5/2023

He left her long ago. When she’s invited to a clandestine celebration, can she cash in on

love without getting into bed with the mob?

Mariana’s dreams have turned into nightmares. Abandoned without a word by the man she can’t

forget, eight years and a backpack full of illicit money have done nothing to keep the stunning

Latina from relying on booze to numb her pain. But when she’s given a chance to attend a secret

Puerto Vallarta Day of the Dead party, she accepts and is immediately intrigued by a stranger

disguised in traditional Catrin makeup.

Determined to claim her alluring quarry, she gives chase through the hacienda—only to stop in

her tracks when the lover she’s yearned for all this time calls her name. And as she’s drawn

deeper into the mysterious games of the festival, the broken woman is torn between her desire

for the intoxicating newcomer and the familiar danger of her dark delicious past.

Discovering she’s entangled in a cartel scheme hidden within the revelries, will a night of

criminal passion end in fatal consequences?

Mariana is the tantalizing second standalone book in the Latin Lovers contemporary romance

series. If you like resilient heroines, good girls gone bad, and steamy encounters, then you’ll

thrill to A. Unda-Tames’s untamed tale.

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Praise for Mariana

Mariana has all the S's - Seduction, Sizzle, and Suspense! Think Survivor meets The Bachelorette meets Queen of the South! I enjoyed all the details around the Day of the Dead festival and trials. The love triangle between Mariana, her past/lost love (Dante) and a potential new love connection (Mateo) is steamy and complex. And Mariana's discovery of the cartel's activities happening on the same island as the festival brings the element of danger. The characters are easy to know and identify with, especially related to grief, addiction, finding strength within, and wanting to find true love. This book was hot hot hot!


I always like the books I read. But this one? Ooof I loved it! Kept me hooked till the very end! I was wanting to come home and read it after work everyday! When I put it down it’s all I would think about.

This book was written right. I don’t usually care for love triangles but this one? *chefs kiss* it was done right.

It was fast paced but not in a total rush. The spice? Perfect. The angst was blended in juuuuust right.

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